For over 28 years, Flawless Jewellery has been designing and hand making stunning pieces of jewellery at our in-house workshops, both based in Kent.

Each beautiful piece of jewellery is hand crafted to the highest standards. We use only the finest materials to ensure each unique piece is a work of art.


Every piece of jewellery we make is designed to be beautiful, luxurious, but most importantly of the highest quality.

We take the utmost pride and care in each piece of jewellery we make. We believe that every piece of Flawless jewellery not only offers an alternative to the mass produced jewellery found on the high street, but also displays true British design and quality craftsmanship at its greatest.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our boutiques in the near future.

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THE GUV'Nor / rob

After completing a 5-year apprenticeship in Diamond Mounting by the age of 20, Robert began working in London’s famous Hatton Garden to hone his now ‘Flawless’ skills before moving on to Bond Street, where he learned the art of antique restoration, including working on high profile pieces for the late Queen Mother.

After working in London for the best part of a decade, Rob was headhunted by one of Australia’s largest jewellery workshops, relocating to work on pieces such as the prestigious Australia Cup before returning to England.

Rob decided to open his very own workshop in Hatton Garden this time as his own boss, working within the trade making commissions for some of London's finest jewellers as well as private clients. The decision to open his first retail store was made in Chislehurst in 2007, allowing him to be more creative and work on showcasing his own pieces.

In 2012 shortly before opening his second boutique Rob was exclusively chosen, above more than 20 other jewellers in the Bromley area (thanks to his stellar reputation for creating beautiful handmade jewellery) to create an installation to present to Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh to celebrate Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee.

It was at this event Rob was honoured with being formally presented to Her Majesty, where she complimented his showcase and asked him about his trade and skill. An extremely proud moment for Rob both in his professional and personal life.

Rob can be found working mainly at Chislehurst, where the open plan layout of the shop means you can see him doing what he loves best – creating beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery.

Our Westerham showroom is where he gets creative, at his purpose built, in-house studio, working on his own designs as well as drawing and painting pieces for our customers.

Rob is a Professional Jeweller Magazine Hot 100 and Retail Jeweller Inspiring Independents winner and has a love for all things art, including his passion for tattoos and music.


Joining the newly established family business in Hatton Garden straight from school at the tender age of just 16, Kaylie quickly learned she had a talent for all things jewellery.

She started her journey by dealing with the trade side of the business, working with suppliers & clients, giving her a good technical knowledge and understanding of the various steps involved to create one piece from scratch.

This stood her in good stead with the opening of Flawless’s first retail store in Chislehurst, as she begun to move into the more creative side of working with customers on their bespoke pieces, where she found her calling in the designing and sourcing of materials.

Kaylie now has overall responsibility for sourcing and hand-picking the Diamonds and Gemstones within Flawless Jewellery, and this year will be the first member of the team to learn how to use CAD to create bespoke pieces of jewellery.

When the second Flawless branch opened, Kaylie was given full responsibility for the entire store when named as the Manager at only 24 years of age. She helped to establish Flawless as the go-to place for quality, handmade jewellery in the Kent area. Following her success in opening the second atelier, Kaylie won a Professional Jeweller Shop Floor Star Award in 2014.

2016 has seen Kaylie receive another award – the Retail Jeweller Rising Star Award. This award has been given to 30 rising stars within the jewellery industry, all aged under 30, to reward their skill and dedication to the trade.

Kaylie, mum of two fur babies – Alfie and Elsie - is recently married, being one of the first to have had the pleasure of experiencing our Proposal Ring service firsthand. She was lucky enough to choose her very own Diamond to be set into her handmade, bespoke engagement ring – specially designed by Rob taking inspiration from Tower Bridge (one of Kaylie’s favourite London landmarks and the very place she accepted her husband’s marriage proposal).

THE GIRLS / Summer

Our newest member Summer, joined Flawless in late 2015 being thrown in at the deep end by experiencing her very first month at Flawless in arguably their busiest period – Christmas! Not one to back down from a challenge, Summer took it all in her stride, impressing Rob, Kaylie and Shannon and earned herself a permanent place in the Flawless Team.

Summer began her working career whilst at University, working for a small independent café/giftshop helping to set up their Social Media and working on their window displays. It was here she discovered her love for Visual Displays and Social Media/PR marketing and, after reaching her potential, decided to move on and gain more experience by volunteering in local charity shops.

After a brief stint at a large department store working in their ‘visual marketing’ team, opportunity came knocking in the form of some prettier & much more sparkly products – enter Flawless Jewellery.

Luckily a passion for showcasing beautiful things and making them look as good as possible is something Summer has in abundance, whether that be in display or in advertising, which Summer says is exactly why she was so drawn to working in the jewellery industry in the first place… You cant get much more beautiful than a Flawless diamond ring!

Summer is at the very beginning of her journey within Flawless and is embracing the chance to learn about everything jewellery, from Diamonds and Gemstones right through to design, production, photography and packaging.

Summer, also proud mummy to her fur baby – Effie the Cat, has a National Diploma and graduated university after studying Fine Art, specialising in Installations, earning herself a First Class BA Honours Degree!


Oscar has been around since the early days, often travelling up to Hatton Garden with Rob to help guard the workshop (well, mainly to sleep under the bench!). Some things never change, as he is still content to sleep all day - except when the postman comes in the morning with a little breakfast treat!

Tallulah joined the team when Chislehurst had not long been open, and is a little more playful than Oscar; Lula likes to make herself known to everyone who walks through the door, by barking until you give her a pat on the head… Or a belly rub - she loves both!!

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