The 4 C's


The value of a Diamond lies in a combination of 4 different characteristics.


Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.


Here we will explain what each of these mean to help you understand the

components when choosing your own diamond.


The shape and sparkle of a diamond are defined by it's cut.


Diamonds cut to the perfect proportions reflect light from one facet to another giving it it's renowned brilliance, which is then dispersed through the top of the diamond.


It's the job of the master cutter to craft the ideal proportions.


The best colour for a diamond is no colour at all.


Colours are graded from D to Z with D being the finest and also rarest, colourless (white) diamond.


Most diamonds contain tiny natural flaws (or inclusions).

The better the diamond the fewer inclusions there are and the easier the light can pass through it to create more sparkle.



A diamond with the clarity of FL-IF is flawless meaning it has no inclusions.


VVS1 through to SI2 all have inclusions but they are not visible to the naked eye.


All diamonds with a clarity of I1 and lower have inclusions which are visible to the naked eye.


A carat is the measure of a diamonds weight, not it's size like most people think.


1 Carat is 1/5th of a gramme.


The more a diamond weighs the rarer and more expensive it can be.

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