At Flawless we take pride in our design work and craftsmanship.


We love to take older, sentimental, unwanted or inherited jewellery

and transform it into something to suit you.



Below are some images of recent pieces we have remodelled for customers.





To find out more about remodelling, or if you have any questions, please use the Enquiry Form below quoting 'Remodel'.



N.B. Please include as much information as possible regarding your existing jewellery

(e.g. metal, stones, size and quantity of stones etc), and any ideas/designs

as to what you are looking to remodel your piece(s) into.


We may ask for photos to help us visualise what you currently have

and what you are hoping to achieve.


Before                                                                         After


This customer wanted to have her yellow gold eternity ring remodelled into a more modern design,

and in white gold to enhance the white colour and sparkle of the diamonds. She saw

our Tiara ring and wanted to have her stones set into a similar design.


Customer - "It's gorgeous! I am so happy with my new ring, the stones look so different.

I can't stop looking at it. Fabulous service and skill from the Flawless team."


Before                                                                         After


This lady needed her ring remade after losing a couple of links from her wedding ring. It was well worn and some links were not in the right order after a resizing years before lost the original pattern.

We completely remade each link individually and put back together in the right order! 


Customer - "I cannot find the words to express my admiration for the skill and craftsmanship of Rob. The result exceeded all my expectations. The ring is now perfect, the pattern has been restored

and it is as beautiful as it was when new! Thank you Rob, it is a work of art!"


Before                                                                         After


We also reused the single diamond from the broken ring to make a single solitaire ring,

rubover set, for the same customer's daughter. 


Customer - "I wanted to make something for my duaghter for her birthday and using the diamond from my ring was the perfect idea. She loves it and says means more knowing it came from my ring."


Before                                                                         After


This lady had two rings, one broken and one she no longer wore. She wanted to combine the two

to create one ring she could wear everyday. We had a consultation to discuss designs after which

she chose to have the ruby rubover set proud, with the diamonds invisible set into the band. 


Customer - "I absolutely love my ring. Flawless have done an incredible job, it's exactly what I wanted."


Before                                                                         After


This customer had inherited this antique diamond and emerald brooch. She wanted to reuse the diamonds and set them into a ring for her upcoming wedding. We set them in a graduated

style to suit the different sizes and returned the emeralds for her to reuse at a later date. 


Customer - "I loved the brooch but it's not something I would ever have worn so I was thrilled to

find Flawless who were able to make a beautiful wedding ring from it. I love it and it holds

so much sentimental value now too. Thank you, Flawless in every way!"


Before                                                                         After


This customer had been given her partner's mother's ring and wanted to use the stones to create an engagement and wedding ring. After falling in love with our Aurora design we set the main centre diamond for her engagement ring. She chose the matching eternity style wedding ring but the

diamonds she had were slightly too big for this design. To keep the sentimentality of using

the original stones we repolished each one and set into her new wedding ring.


Customer - "The team transformed my wife's unloved jewellery into thing of beauty

that she absolutely adores. Well done, thank you for your artistry and skill. 

We are both very happy with the result."


Before                                                                         After


This customer had been given her partner's mother's ring and wanted to use the stones to create an engagement and wedding ring. After falling in love with our Aurora design we set the main centre diamond for her engagement ring. She chose the matching eternity style wedding ring but the

diamonds she had were slightly too big for this design. To keep the sentimentality of using

the original stones we repolished each one and set into her new wedding ring.


Customer - "I am speechless. The rings are absolutely stunning and everything I wanted. We are

so pleased we were able to use all of the stones from the original ring as it means

so much to both of us. Thank you so much, they're just perfect."


Before                                                                         After


This lady's ring had become very worn and some of the diamonds damaged and so wanted to remake

her ring, in the same design but more substantial and also wanted to add a larger

princess cut diamond in the middle. 


Customer - "The name Flawless is the absolutely perfect name for the expertise, craftsmanship 

and quality which is on offer at Flawless. They have re-made my broken engagement 

ring giving it a better setting than its original."


Before                                                                         After


This customer found us through here and enquired about having a halo added to her existing engagement ring. She booked an appointment to come in to see us and discuss further.

We created a halo of diamonds to fit around her exisiting diamond.


Customer - "I'm so pleased I found them! I didn't want to change my engagement ring completely, just add some more diamonds to the outside and from the beginning Flawless were very helpful and knowledgable and their work is outstanding. You woud never know it had ever looked any

different! Thank you so much, I would recommend Flawless to anyone!'


Before                                                                         After


This gentleman came in with an inherited wedding ring, a single earring (the other had been lost), a gold chain and some diamond hoops - wanting to turn them into a diamond ring for his wife's

birthday. He decided on the Kiss ring design as he didn't want it to look like an engagement

ring and this design is the perfect 'right hand dress ring'. 


Customer - "It's a beautiful ring and I know she is going to be blown away by it. She is going to love

the fact it came from sentimental pieces and I've made a scrap book as the second part of

the present, with the before images they took. Flawless have done an amazing job, 

can't thank them enough."


Before                                                                         After


As with most remodelling, this customer wanted to change her rings to a more modern looking

white gold. We remade the ring setting the diamonds horizontally around the ring

to make it look more simple and classy.


Customer - "I'm very happy to have found Flawless. My ring looks incredible!"


Before                                                                         After


This lady found this ring abroad and bought it purely for the amazing quality of the Tanzanite, but always knew she would need to remodel it as the design was not at all to her taste! After finding us and coming in for an appointment we discussed how best to utilise all of the stones and make the most of the stunning Tanzanite. We came up with the design based around one of our existing rings - the Luna. She wanted the diamonds set underneath the stone as the 'stars in the sky', representing her husband.


Customer - "The ring is perfect, such workmanship is a rare thing these days. Thank you so much."


Before                                                                         After


This lady wanted to remodel her parents wedding and engagement rings into a pendant to represent

both her parents. We melted down the gold and created two disc pendants engraved with 

their initials and pendants for the diamonds to represent her mum and dad. 


Customer - "I absolutely love my necklace. I'm over the moon to be able to wear something so

precious to me and I can't thank Rob and Flawless enough for this wonderful service!"


Before                                                                         After


This customer came in with a ring inherited from his grandmother. He wanted to create an engagement ring for his partner, incorporating the same design and side detailing to keep the memory of his grandmothers engagement ring. He chose the diamond he wanted, to make it look more like an engagement ring than an eternity ring, and we made it so it would fit with a wedding ring.


Customer - "It was very important to me to keep the same details as my nan's original ring but to modernise it to look more like an engagement ring. Flawless were great at understanding exactly

what I anted and the end result is beyond what I imagined. My fiancee absolutely loves it!

We will be back for our wedding rings very soon!"


Before                                                                         After


This customer wanted to give her rings a new lease of life after noticing they had become very worn and damaged over the years. We remade her engagement ring with more suitable claws to enhance the shape of the stones and raised it so it would sit next to her wedding ring without needing a cut out section.

We remade her wedding ring into a straight band so they would sit flush together!


Customer - "So pleased with my rings, they look incredible! Robs craftmanship is out of this world, the difference between how they looked then and now is amazing. Thank you so much."


Before                                                                         After


This lady wanted to update her engagement and wedding rings by combining the two into one,

and remaking in Platinum to match her other pieces as she no longer wore yellow gold.  

We discussed the designs and created various images for her to choose form,

before deciding on this cluster style dress ring.


Customer - "It's stunning! I cannot believe the difference, the talent and workmanship to create

such a beautiful piece is incredible! I would recommend Flawless to anyone and

everyone for any jewellery needs."


Before                                                                         After


After losing the centre sapphire to one of her rings this lady decided to incorporate the two into one ring she could wear everyday. We melted down the yellow gold to create the band and set the diamonds and sapphires in a scattered pattern around the whole band.


Customer - "I absolutely love it! I knew what I wanted but Flawless have taken it to a whole new level! From providing me with images for the design, to the finished piece, they are true craftsmen."


Before                                                                         After


This lady wanted to turn her ring into a pendant for her birthday, keeping the same halo style design

but after seeing the Flawless Saint Ring in store decided to go for this design, with the

rubover centre - enhancing the shape and size of the diamond.


Customer - "I love the halo design but didn't partiuclarly like the style of my ring. I'd always wanted

a special pendant to wear and after visting Flawless and seeing their Saint halo deisgns I knew

I had to have it made with them. I'm so over the moon with it. Thank you Flawless."


Before                                                                         After


This customer inherited some old jewellery and gold from a late relative. She wanted a simple

bangle made formt he existing gold, and to incorporate the diamonds from one of the rings,

retuning the unused stones back to her.


Customer - "I had no idea what, if anything, could be done with the bits I had, but seeing

what Rob and the team at Flawless can do is incredible. I can't believe this

gorgeous bangle came from scraps! I will be back!"


Before                                                                         After


We remodelled this engagement ring as the ring overall was poorly made and not straight, also it 

didn't fit with a wedding ring. We kept the same design but created a more solid and secure ring,

raising sightly to allow a wedding band to sit flush with it. 


Customer - "I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my engagement ring.

It's just lovely - I can't help looking at it!!"


Before                                                                         After


This lady wanted to remodel her late mothers engagement ring and fathers wedding ring, as well as a sentimental bracelet into one ring she could wear in memory of them. We came up with the design to use the gold from the wedding band and bracelet to make the style of ring she wanted, used the white gold from the engagement ring to set the diamond into and engraved the inside with 'Mum and Dad'.


Customer - "It is really beautifully made and it surpasses all my expectations!!! I really appreciate

the care and attention to detail to reproduce the design we have worked on.  The design also

lends new and much needed life to the diamond. I will recommed you far and wide and

wear the ring with pride, remembering my parents to whose memory it is dedicated. 

I hope to be able to work with you again in the near future."


Before                                                                         After


This couple came in looking for wedding rings, but due to the way her ring was made no wedding

ring would sit flat next to it. She didn't want a fitted band either so we discussed remaking

her engagement ring. We kept the same design but enhanced it making the band wider,

refining the heart shape in the setting and allowing it to sit flush with a band. 


Customer - "I didn't want to change my engagement ring too much as it was what my fiancee

had picked so I wanted to keep the sentimental value to it. Rob and the team were very 

reassuring and understood exactly. I'm so happy with the end result - it looks like my ring 

but so much better in every way, and I can now wear a wedding ring with it! Thank you."


Before                                                                         After


This customer proposed to his now fiancee with the ring he had inherited from his grandmother.

She loved it and wanted to keep the essential look of the original but wanted to update

it to give it a more modern look and to enhance the diamonds.


Customer - "Going through the design process and having a part in choosing my new ring, while

still keeping the important sentimental value to something so special to me and my fiance, 

was an amazing experience. Thank you so much, I absoutely love it!"


Before                                                                         After


This customer wanted us to remodel her diamond jewellery following a recent divorce. She wanted

to incorporate them all into one ring but due to the size of the stones we couldn't set them in the

traditional Trilogy style, as well as not wanting it to look like an engagement ring. We came

up wth the design, including the split shank, to give it more of a 'dress ring' feel.


Customer - "Flawless were great form start to finish. They understood exactly what I was after and

I am thrilled to bits with my new ring, it's stunning I can't stop looking at it. Thank you so much."


Before                                                                         After


This customer came to us to remodel her ring as it had been poorly made and as well as the

shank splitting, the stones kept falling out. We discussed the design and she decided

to remodel the ring into Rose Gold, with a rubover setting around the centre to 

enhance the shape as well as the added security to the stone. 


Customer - "It's absolutely beautiful. I was so disappointed with my ring but to see it in comparison

to my new ring, I'm stunned! Their workmanship is second to none and none of the stones have

since fallen out! I am so pleased to have found them, I just wish we had found them first!"


Before                                                                         After


This customer came to us to remodel her ring as she felt it was old and outdated. We repolished

her stone to make it round and set it into a modern style Rubover pendant. We then used

the diamonds to add to her diamond ring and created a new stacking ring to match.


Customer - "I love my new jewellery! Flawless are amazing at what they do

and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for any jewellery needs."


Before                                                                         After


This customer wanted to use the gold from her late husbands jewellery to make something special

for herself and their granddaughters. We melted the gold down to make a heart pendant for

each of their granddaughters, with a diamond star set into each one. We then used the 

diamonds from his ring and set these into her existing wedding band.



Customer - "I am so pleased to have found Flawless. Rob has done an amazing job, and I'm so

grateful to be able to wear something that means so much to me and my granddaughters."


Before                                                                         After


This customer was unhappy with the design of her engagement and wedding ring. They didn't sit together and after finding us online came in to discuss designs. She saw our Aphrodite

design and fell in love - now her rings sit perfectly together.


Customer - "I found Flawless online, and after seeing their amazing remodelling

work I knew I had to visit. Their quality of work is incredible and I am so

so happy with my rings, they're beautiful! Thank you"


Before                                                                         After


After a recent divorce, this customer decided to remodel her engagement and wedding rings into a new piece of jewellery she could wear, without them looking like a traditional engagement and wedding ring. We decided to combine the wedding and main engagement ring stones to create a modern, twisted style ring, rubover set to enhance the shape of her marquise diamond. We also made a pair of stud earrings using the smaller pear shaped diamonds from her engagement ring, rubover set to perfectly match to her new handmade ‘divorce’ ring..


Customer - "Love my earring and absolutely LOVE my new ring created and designed by Rob at Flawless. Brilliant service and can't wait for my next day hopefully. Will definitely be coming back to Flawless xx"


Before                                                                         After


Having lost the centre of her Trilogy ring, this customer decided to have a new ring made just using the two remaining diamonds, rather than trying to replace the missing stone. She came in with the idea to have a twisted style ring, with diamonds down the shoulders - a design she had been wanting for a while.


Customer - "What an excellent service from start to finish, I had no idea I could love a ring so much? Rob has worked his magic bringing my old ring back to life with an added sparkle. Will definitely recommend flawless to all my family and friends!"


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer brought in his partner's late grandmother's ring, wanting use the existing diamonds

and white gold to make his (spoiler alert) now fiancee's engagement ring. After discussing

designs, giving the stones a little clean and melting down the metal, we made this delicate, 

flower style ring to incorporate of all the stones while still simple and elegant

and it still fits perfectly next to a wedding ring!


Customer - "My fiancee is absolutely thrilled with the ring, she cried when I'd told her it

was made from her grandmother's ring. The quality of workmanship is incredible,

I couldn't recommend Flawless enough!"


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer had already had her rings remodelled with us into these three stacking rings but after some years of wear, decided it was time for a little tidy up and had her rings re-polished. 


Customer - "I absolutely love my rings and they look like new again - beautiful.

Rob is an incredible jeweller and I wouldn't go anywhere else! "


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer came in to see us after finding us online. She wanted to remake her engagement

ring as it was made using a lower quality of white gold, resulting in it's yellow tinge. She 

also wanted to change the design as she felt it was too chunky and wanted something

that would complement her diamond, and that would allow a wedding ring to sit

flush next to it, something that wasn't possible in the current style.


Customer - "I'd found Flawless online and was amazed by the quality of their work! I knew

straight away I wanted them to remake my engagement ring, so after contacting them I visted

their Chislehurst store. The jewellery is even more incredible in the flesh and Rob is a true

craftsman. I fell in love with one of their designs and looking at the before and after

pictures I am so pleased I found them! My new ring is a work of art and makes my

diamond look 100xbetter. I am over the moon, thank you Rob & the team!"


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer came into us after purchasing their engagement ring from a jeweller in Hatton Garden. The ring wouldn't sit next to a wedding ring, and the head of the ring wasn't straight. They weren't

happy with the finished piece and asked us to make a new mount worthy of their gorgeous diamond. 

After showing them a few designs she she fell in love with our innovative, new heart shaped claw design. We wanted to make it much more substantial, to sit perfectly next to a wedding ring, and to show off that incredible diamond to perfection (and we think we nailed it, if we do say so ourselves).



Customer - "I am so pleased we came to Flawless to have my ring remade. It is stunning,

Rob is so talented, he understood exactly what I wanted and I now have the perfect ring. 

Everything from start to finish was exceptional from the service to the quality of

workmanship. It goes without saying we will be back for our wedding rings!"


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer wanted a completely new ring made using the diamond from her original

engagement ring. She wanted an updated and modern style to enhance the

diamond and so decided on our Twist design.


Customer - "I'm so happy with my ring. Rob is incredible at what he does, and the girls are

so helpful I was kept in the loop at every stage. I will definitely be back!"


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer had inherited this 100 year old Trilogy ring, and wanted to give it some TLC by having it remade so she would be able to wear it, after so many years of wear and tear! We kept a very similar design to the original - simple, claw set and as specifically requested, low as possible.


Customer - "It looks unbelievable!! I couldn't believe they were the same diamonds, they're so 

much more shiny now I'm thrilled with the result. It's absolutely beautiful, thank you all

at Flawless. I have no doubt we will get at least another 100 years wear out of it."


                                   Before                                                                         After


This lady came in wanting to completely remake her Emerald and Diamond ring as she felt it

needed updating. After showing her some designs she decided on our popular Saint ring

design using all of her own stones but this time going for a Platinum ring.


Customer - "I wanted to have my ring remade after seeing the incredible work Flawless have done

on this page! I wanted it to be ready for my daughters upcoming wedding and nothing

was too much trouble! The ring is absolutely incredible, even more so in real life. 

I've since been back and know this isn't the last time I'll be back."


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer came in with a ring she had bought from a high street store. The ring had started to turn yellow due to the lower quality of gold used by this store (we here at Flawless only ever use white gold that stays white!). We gave it a very thorough clean and polish, and re-plated it for her.


Customer - "I'm over the moon, it looks like a brand new ring! Will definitely be back to Flawless soon."


                                   Before                                                                         After


This lady wanted us to remake her engagement ring after finding us online. She came into our store and fell in love with a ring we had already made. She wanted us to use her diamond and put it into our Saint ring design, creating a halo of diamonds around the centre and down the shoulders.


Customer - "I fell in love with the design as soon as I saw it and tried it on. It's so much more glamourous and so so sparkly! The ring is stunning, incredible craftsmanship! Thank you to the team."


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer wanted us to remake her late husband's wedding ring into two heart shaped pendants,

one for her and one for their daughter. In addition to this we added a Diamond for her, and an

Amethyst for her daughter (her birthstone), set like a star to represent him in both of their hearts.


Customer - "Thank you so much, it's perfect. Exactly what I wanted and handled with such care I couldn't be happier. My daughter and I now have something so precious to us, something we can wear everyday to remind us of him and for that I want to thank Rob."


                                    Before                                                                         After


Our customer wanted a brand new ring, using materials from her old and worn jewellery. She had seen our 'Kiss' design and wanted to incorporate her stones and metals into a bespoke version, just for

her. We created a Yellow Gold setting for the centre stone, and set each of the diamonds

from her Eternity ring, diagonally into the crossover bands.


Customer - "I am in love! I love my ring, and the design and it makes my diamonds look so much more beautiful than they did before. The workmanship is outstanding and I am so happy I found Flawless!"


                                   Before                                                                         After


This customer wanted to use the diamond and white gold from his mother's inherited engagement ring, to create a new but sentimental engagement ring for his soon to be fiancee. He decided on

our signature Aurora design, to enhance the shape and cut of the Diamond, 

and to suit his fiancee's more modern preference.


Customer - "It looks great, so much better than before, but it still means just as much to me.

I hope she loves it as much as I do. Rob you are a true craftsman! (P.S. She said yes!)"


                                  Before                                                                         After


These three rings were inherited by our customer from her late mother, but she wanted to use as much of the materials as possible to transform the rings into one she could wear everyday. We created this two-tone band, incorporating the diamonds into each of the white gold edges to enhance their white colour.


Customer - "I was speechless when I saw the ring, it's absolutely beautiful. It's everything I wanted, the colours contrast perfectly and the diamonds look so sparkly now! Thank you so much."


                                  Before                                                                         After


This young lady had inherited her late mother's engagement ring and wanted to re-use the stones to 

have two special rings made in white gold, instead of yellow. The first, a sapphire engagement ring,

and the second using the diamonds to make an Eternity style ring she could eventually wear as her wedding ring, so she would have a little piece of her mother on her wedding day, and every day after. 


Customer - "Initially I was nervous about having this ring remade, I wasn't sure whether to keep it as it was but after speaking to Rob I knew he would be the right man for the job. I am over the moon with both rings, and now they mean so much more! Thank you Rob and Flawless."


                                   Before                                                                         After


This couple had purchsed their Opal engagement ring on holiday together. Once home they realised

that the design they had wouldn't fit with a wedding ring, so some remodelling was needed.

They brought it into us at Flawless where we worked with them to create a new design that would

fit perfectly next to a wedding ring. Whilst checking it over we found that what they thought were

diamonds around the edge were actually synthetic. We replaced the synthetic stones with brand

new round brilliant cut diamonds, which as you can see are a million times brighter!


Customer - "I'm so lucky and a massive thank you to the lovely Rob at Flawless for making it happen, top man!!!!"



                                     Before                                                                       After



This customer inherited her mother's Sapphire and Diamond dress ring, but felt it was a little outdated. After sketching some designs we agreed to remake it in white gold, with a modern setting and style.


Customer - "I'm so happy with my new ring, Flawless listened to what I asked for and made it a reality.

I feel like this design has given the sapphires a new lease of life."


                                     Before                                                                       After



Extremely unhappy with her already once remodelled engagement ring, our customer came to us to remake her ring again.. After explaining how uncomfortable and bulky her ring was to wear, as well

as being very unhappy with the look of her ring, Rob drew 4 different designs for her to choose from,

we remade a much more girly & refined ring, showcasing the best of her diamonds.


Customer - "I absolutely love my ring. It looks amazing, so much more beautiful

than it was before! It's a true work of art, I can't believe the transformation!! 

I am so pleased I found Flawless, thank you Rob and team."



                                 Before                                                                       After



This ring was brought in to us after it had snapped. After much discussion the customer decided to

have the ring remade, including polishing the Aquamarine centre to give it its sparkle back. 


Customer - "I am so thrilled with the result!! It's gorgeous, I can't stop looking at it. I'm so

pleased I decided to have it remade, it's much more substantial and so much prettier.

And the Aquamarine looks like how it did when we first bought it. Thank you."


                                 Before                                                                       After



We were commissioned to make this classic rubover set pendant by a long standing customer, who wanted to gift some of her old jewellery to her granddaughters. Having decided on the style she 

wanted, we made the pendant to fit the existing diamond and attached it to the chain to

allow it to slide through, giving the illusion it is floating.


Customer - 'I would never use anyone else to make or repair my jewellery, so Flawless was the obvious and only choice when I decided to remake my ring for my granddaughter. We were both delighted

with the result, and the pendant looks so much better on her than the ring ever did on me! "


                                Before                                                                       After



This lady came in with a very old, very sentimental ring. She wanted to have it remade, exactly as it was because it was worn and damaged in some places after so many years. We remade it completely, making it more substantial all over,. We also made it so the unsually cut centre diamond and the side diamonds had a more defined shape, but kept the same zigzag detail in the setting of the ring.


Customer - 'I am thrilled with my ring. I was very nervous about leaving such a precious ring but I am so pleased I did. It looks much more beautiful and has been exquisitely made, Rob is a true craftsman."


                                  Before                                                                    After



We had a couple come in after some wedding bands having purchased their engagement ring from another shop some months previously. Unfortunately due to the way the ring had been made her wedding ring wouldn't sit flush next to it. We ran through some options from which they decided

to have the ring remade into our more substantial rubover set cluster design.



Customer - "I am so pleased we decided to remodel my existing ring. Keeping the ring as it was

and having a gap or a fitted wedding ring was really not something I wanted. Now my

ring looks so much better, and I can have the wedding ring I want to fit perfectly

against my gorgeous new engagement ring."


                                Before                                                                       After



Our customer came in to see us as she wanted to have her engagement and wedding rings remade.

She was unhappy with the original design as it meant there was a gap between her two rings,

something she told us really bugged her! She had also decided she wanted to have

them remade into 18ct white gold to give them a more modern look. 



Customer - "Wow, I am so pleased with how my rings look, they sit together perfectly now.

The quality is outstanding and the design really compliments my diamonds!"


                                 Before                                                                      After



After coming in to have her ring repaired, this customer decided to have the whole ring remade to ensure the security of the diamond as the previous setting and band had begun to wear thin. She decided

to have the ring remade in white gold instead to match her other white gold jewellery.



Customer - "I was concerned for the safety of my diamond as some claws had fallen off after a few

years of wear. I decided to have white gold and in a similar style to match my wedding ring.

I'm very pleased with the result. Thank you."


                                 Before                                                             After



This customer wanted to remake her engagement ring but to have it made in white gold and to be able to wear her wedding ring flush to her engagement ring, which she couldn't do before due to the way her original ring had been made. We created a more substantial ring in the same design and made

the setting using traditional techniques to keep the stones looking extra sparkly.



Customer - "I am very happy with my new ring, so much so I had my wedding ring remade by

Flawless also to match my new engagement ring. The craftsmanship is incredible."


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